CMBS Loan Restructuring

A successful CMBS loan restructuring requires numerous specialized skills, and we are your team with those skills. Brown Brothers Realty works in collaboration with its strategic partners to provide a highly-effective and multifaceted restructuring service, like no other company can provide.


Every market, asset, borrower, and loan servicer is different. It takes much more than a collegial working relationship with your servicer to effectuate a meaningful and successful debt restructuring. You need both a trustworthy advisor and zealous advocate that understand the fluid dynamic of the CMBS loan restructuring debt process and can navigate that process successfully on your behalf.

Our consultations are free, so we encourage you to contact us before the additional time constraints and challenges of maturity or foreclosure are inevitable. Staying ahead of the restructuring process strengthens your negotiation position with loan services by allowing time for our team to conduct a granular analysis of the often compounding indicators or “triggers” of troubled loan.
CMBS Loan Restructuring debt restructuring “triggers” may include the following:
Impaired cashflow, appraisal reduction, tenant default, loan maturity, reserve impairment, debt coverage ratio, imminent monetary default, and collateral value erosion.
CMBS Loan Restructuring successful outcomes:
Successful debt restructuring outcomes include, but are not limited to, A/B loan bifurcation, discounted payoff (DPO), reduced interest rate, extended loan term and note purchase.


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