Property Tax Services

Brown Brothers Realty property tax service has a proven track record of success in abating ad-valorem property taxes, which reduces property expenses and increases property value and net operating income to owners. Our approach is firmly rooted in our knowledge of commercial real estate value, comprehensive procedural understanding of the appeal process, and credibility in front of local Property Appraisers and Valuation Adjustment Board (VAB) Special Magistrates.  We have been successful in numerous multi-million dollar tax assessment reductions, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for the property owner.
Our approach to property tax appeal is unique, as we only advocate for properties that have a merit-based appeal, based on our underwriting of the asset value. By focusing our time on meaningful appeals, and not frivolous claims, we maintain a high degree of credibility before the Property Appraiser and VAB Special Magistrates, which results in significant reductions and tax savings for our clients.  Timing and procedure are critically important to the success of an appeal, so please contact us immediately if you believe you have an over-assessed property, so we can begin the process of lowering your taxes.

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